Mark Cox

Before Mark Cox began his workout program, he described himself as "Most Likely to Have a Heart Attack on Scene." Mark was not one for moderation, especially when it came to eating, drinking, and smoking cigarettes.

In 2000, at the urging of his wife, Mark purchased a treadmill. "We bought one and the rest is history. Once I started it I was hooked." In the years since Mark started running, he has stopped drinking and smoking and has lost around 50 lbs. Mark has also started competing in local races and marathons, such as the New York City Marathon in November of 2004, where he was finisher 26,124. It also provides an opportunity for him to meet other firefighters and runners who are motivated to reach their fitness goals, like he was.

Mark is working on building a fitness center at his firehouse and has started finding equipment and building supplies to finish the room. He is looking forward to becoming a driving force in his department to help his friends and fellow firefighters become more physically fit, and to have a more positive outlook. As Mark noted, "By providing the example of what is possible with motivation to get this project done, the quality of life of my brother and sister firefighters will be increased."


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