Kevin Quinn

Kevin Quinn is a leader in the fire service, serving as Deputy Chief for his department, member of the National Volunteer Fire Council's Executive Committee, and a fire instructor advocating for firefighter health and safety. After years of struggling to lose 20 pounds, he realized he needed to focus on his own health first in order to be more effective at motivating others. Read this Q&A from October 2011 to see how Chief Quinn finally lost the excess weight and made health a priority in his own life.

Briefly describe your lifestyle before becoming Heart-Healthy.  

Over the past 20 or so years I have attempted to maintain a better and healthier lifestyle. In my mind, I was active and have dieted, exercised, and attempted to eat the proper foods. Many diets have failed; if I lost weight, I gained it back over time. My attempt to eat properly did not truly help me maintain a proper body mass index. I have carried 20 or more excess pounds for the past 20 plus years.

Describe the reasons behind making these changes.

As a fire instructor, traveling the country and delivering the message of firefighter safety, I made a heart-healthy decision to change my lifestyle to maintain proper health, safety, and nutrition. I have felt that I would garner a better respect from my target audience if I were in better physical shape.

What were the results?

I have changed my lifestyle regarding my food intake and have lost that extra 20 pounds. I continue to eat properly, exercise regularly, and keep safety as the priority as I work through the fire service. I realized that carrying 20+ pounds was not going to help me as I continue to be involved with the fire service.

How do you choose to maintain your healthy lifestyle?

Living each and every day with my health, wellness, and safety is my priority. I enjoy my newly created lifestyle and am healthier for it. My energy level, confidence, self-esteem, and relationships are stronger due to the dedication of self. I have placed my health as my top priority.

What is the most significant thing that has happened or that you have noticed since you’ve become heart-healthy?

Higher energy levels and an increased ability to train firefighters, both in the classroom and on the training ground. I now model and teach the proper methods of safety, health, wellness, and nutrition. I feel Great!

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