Challenge Idea: Training

This month, challenge your department members to seek opportunities to improve their health and safety knowledge. There are many free webinars and other online trainings available. The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) currently offers courses through the NVFC Virtual Classroom. Online training lets first responders learn about health and safety at their convenience.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Visit first responder training web sites and select webinars or videos that fit your training needs.
  2. Register for webinars or other online training. Write down the name of the training, who the training was through (i.e., NVFC or other organization), and the date of completion. Make sure and keep any certificates or quiz results you receive at the end of each training.
  3. You’ve completed the challenge when you’ve completed at least one training a week for four weeks.

To encourage your department members, send out links to online training platforms, including sites such as the NVFC, International Association of Fire Chiefs,, and Check in weekly to see if anyone has taken a webinar they would recommend to the group. Schedule a time to watch a training video or webinar together at the station. Ask department members to report on what they learned at the next meeting.

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