Challenge Idea: Train for a Charity Fitness Event

There are thousands of charity walks, 5ks, half-marathons, triathlons, and marathons each year. Whether you are just starting a fitness routine or are a fitness buff, you can find an event to challenge yourself and help a great cause in the process. Joining an event with fellow department members or as a team is also a great way to connect with your community.

You can find walks near you through an internet search, or click here for ideas. Coordinate participation in one walk or run that is open to everyone in the department. Consider an event that has both running and walking options, so that everyone can participate. You could even plan a community-wide marathon, 5k, or walk-a-thon to benefit your department.

Pass out the Charity Walk/Marathon Goal Sheet to your members. To complete the challenge:

  1. Research walks and events in your area and decide on which event you will participate in. Make sure to choose something challenging but attainable.
  2. You’ve completed the challenge if you’ve selected a walk, marathon, or other fitness event and had at least two training sessions toward your goal. 

To keep your department members motivated, send out weekly reminders to sign up for a fitness event and to keep training. Let everyone know which walks and runs that members have already signed up for and the causes that they are supporting. For more information and resources, visit     

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