Challenge Idea: Summer Fitness

This month, challenge each of your department members to maintain a fitness routine even in the lazy days of summer. Vacations, cookouts, and intense heat outside can make it hard to keep track of fitness goals. You and your department members can stay in great shape while still enjoying all that the season has to offer.

It’s easy to incorporate exercise into your summer plans. At your next department picnic, plan a game of softball or touch football. Encourage department members to jump in and swim laps the next time they’re lounging by the pool. Hold a car wash fundraiser – scrubbing cars can work off some calories. Take advantage of warm weather and walk or bike to the station, work, and around the neighborhood.

When temperatures peak, complete your outdoor exercise in the morning and plan indoor fitness for the afternoon. When traveling, taking long walks or hiking can help get your heart pumping while allowing you to take in the sights.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Use the Summer Fitness Tracking Sheet to determine your fitness goals for the summer. Think about which days you’ll be out of town or have plans and how you can still incorporate physical activity on those days.
  2. Sign up for the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program’s Fired Up For Fitness Challenge if you’d like to receive incentive prizes for your hard work.
  3. Track your workouts on your personal tracking sheet and with the Fired Up For Fitness Challenge.
  4. You have successfully completed the challenge if you have logged at least four hours of physical activity each week this month.

To motive your department members, send out weekly emails with exercise tips, easy workout ideas, and motivational messages and quotes. When you know someone is going on vacation, remind them to take their goal sheet with them. Put up a bulletin board with exercise examples in the station. Plan a department activity like a car wash or softball game. Find more fitness resources and activity ideas on the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program web site.

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