Challenge Idea: Pledge to Adopt the Program

Challenge each of your department members to adopt the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program. You already know how important a heart-healthy lifestyle is for yourself, your department, and your family. Take the next step to ensuring you and your department members stay strong – adopt the program by visiting and have each of your department members sign the pledge to get and stay healthy.

By adopting the program in your department, you and your fellow first responders are making a commitment to embark on a healthy lifestyle and keep your hearts and bodies strong by sticking with the program. Once you have registered, you will have access to special features to help you get and stay heart-healthy, including the Fired Up For Fitness Challenge, a guide on how to secure sponsorship for a department health and wellness program, tools and resources for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a message board to connect you to other health conscious firefighters from across the country, and much more.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Register your department with the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program at Registration is free and gives you access to special resources and tools to promote health in your department.
  2. Ask all of your members to register with the Program under your department and review the resources available on the site.
  3. Download and print the Department Pledge from the General Health – Department Resources section of the Adopt the Program site. Have each of your members sign the pledge to commit to focusing on their health.
  4. The challenge is complete when all of your members have logged on and then signed the Department Pledge. Make sure to send a copy of the signed Pledge to the NVFC office to receive your 100 percent compliance pins!

Follow up with your department members with regular emails highlighting resources and tools available on the site. Promote some friendly competition with the Fired Up for Fitness Challenge. Create a bulletin board in the station with tips and information from the site. Find out more about adopting the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program at

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