Challenge Idea: National Firefighter Health Week

This August, challenge your whole department to actively participate in the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) fourth annual National Firefighter Health Week. This national event was created to encourage first responders and raise awareness about the health and safety issues that affect you as a first responder. Take advantage of the many resources and tools available at to get your department members involved.

Follow the daily activity suggestions and plan a heart-healthy department lunch, organize a fitness day, or get screened. Utilize the resources for promoting your local Health Week activities in the community, including a customizable press release, web banners, and even a sponsorship toolkit for getting local businesses to support your health and wellness activities.. Plan a special activity or assign a health-related task (such as getting screened) for each day of the week. Use this week to make yourself, your department members, and your community more aware of the importance of firefighter health.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Review the tips, ideas, and information in the National Firefighter Health Week Resource Center.
  2. Organize a department activity for each day or attend the daily activities that your department organizes, or complete a health-related task.
  3. You have successfully completed the challenge if you actively participate in each day of Health Week.

To motive your department members, send out daily emails with information on that day’s focus topic. Plan fun and diverse events during the week to keep members excited. Distribute handouts and flyers with health statistics. Hold a contest for the “Most Fired Up For Fitness” department member and offer an incentive prize. Put up a bulletin board with a schedule for the week and information on each day. For more ideas, visit

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