Challenge Idea: Holiday Health

It can be hard to focus on your health at this time of year, with plenty of events going on to distract you from working out – not to mention the abundant food at these events! This month, challenge yourself and your department to stay focused on your fitness and nutrition while enjoying all the fun the holidays have to offer.

Working out has many benefits, including decreased risk of disease, increased strength, and reduced stress levels. Eating a well-rounded, healthy diet can also reduce your risk of disease, plus give your body the tools it needs to fight illness. You can still enjoy holiday treats in moderation. To complete the challenge:

  1. Give each member of your department the Fitness and Nutrition Log.
  2. You’ve completed the challenge if you’ve logged at least 15 hours of fitness time and reached your nutrition goals 15 days of the month.

To keep your department members motivated, share resources from the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program. Try sending out weekly recipe ideas and tips on food substitutions. For more information and resources, visit

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