Challenge Idea: 5-A-Day Challenge

Challenge each of your department members to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables a day as part of Fruit and Veggies – More Matters Month.

Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that may help protect you from chronic diseases. Compared with people who consume a diet with only small amounts of fruits and vegetables, those who eat more generous amounts as part of a healthful diet are more likely to have reduced risk of chronic diseases, including stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and certain cancers.

Start the challenge by distributing the 5-A-Day worksheets and personal scoresheet from the South Dakota Department of Health to all participants.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Using the 5-A-Day Challenge worksheet, find your baseline number of servings of fruits and vegetables that you currently eat each day.
  2. Take stock of your eating habits to determine where you can make changes.
  3. Set your goal. Determine how many servings of fruits and vegetables you can realistically strive to eat each day during September.
  4. Track the number of servings you eat each day on your personal scoresheet.

To motive your department members, try sending out weekly emails with tips on adding more vegetables and fruits into your diet, easy recipes, and motivational messages and quotes. Periodically check in with each participant to see how they are progressing and encourage them to keep going. Organize healthy lunches with your department. Find more nutrition resources and activity ideas on the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program web site.

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