Know Your Health

Every day, firefighters and EMS personnel risk their lives protecting people and property in their communities, but these first responders need protection too. The leading cause of on-duty firefighter deaths each year is heart attack. In addition, many first responders face life altering or life threatening conditions and risk factors such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

The NVFC is working to increase heart-health awareness by helping firefighters know their risks so that they can adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The NVFC provides resources, tools, and tips that firefighters and their families can use to stay heart healthy and reduce risk factors that could lead to heart attack or other debilitating illness. A healthy firefighter or EMT is better able to do their job and be there for those who depend on them – their family, their crew, and the community.

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Check out the Know Your Health Quick Tips video series here.

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