About the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program

America’s firefighters and emergency services personnel save lives and property as first responders to man-made and natural disasters, but these responders face a great, although often ignored, risk. Every year, more than half of all firefighter deaths are attributed to heart attacks, which is the leading cause of on-duty firefighter fatalities.

The NVFC launched the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program in 2003 to reduce the number of firefighter and EMS deaths from heart attack. This mission is accomplished by promoting a healthier lifestyle and by providing firefighters with fitness, nutrition, cholesterol, and other pertinent information to assist them on the road to becoming heart-healthy. It is the nation’s only heart attack awareness and prevention program targeted at all firefighters and EMS personnel, both volunteer and career.

Utilize this web site to find the resources, tools, and information you need to learn about your health and take proactive steps to protect your heart and lower your risk for heart disease and related conditions. The site is designed to help individuals get and stay healthy, departments to establish a health and wellness program, and families to support their first responder in their efforts to improve their health. Resources of the program include the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Resource Guide, the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Cookbook, smoking cessation tools, Health and Wellness Advocate Workshop, health and wellness webinars, fitness demonstration videos, and much more.

It is critical to know your health and do what you can to minimize your risks so you can be there for those who depend on you – your family, your department, and your community. By staying heart strong, you will maximize your abilities as a first responder and be ready for the next call.

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