IAFC and NVFC Team Up for 2012 Safety and Health Week

Wednesday, 07 March 2012

Campaign reinforces the Rules You Can Live By on and off the fireground
Since 2007, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has sponsored National Firefighter Health Week each August as an opportunity for departments and individual first responders to focus on their health. Now, the NVFC has joined forces with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to present the 2012 International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week, to be held June 17-23. This joint Safety and Health Week will provide even more resources and tools to help you focus on staying healthy – and safe.

This year’s theme is Rules You Can Live By. Fire departments are encouraged to suspend all non-emergency activity during Safety and Health Week to focus on safety and health training and education allowing all shifts and personnel to participate. An entire week is provided to ensure each shift and duty crew can spend at least one day focusing on these critical issues.

The 2012 International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week marks the unification of the IAFC’s Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week with the NVFC’s National Firefighter Health Week. The goal of both organizations is to reduce the number of preventable injury and death in the fire and emergency services. Safety and Health Week focuses on the critical importance of responders taking care of themselves both on and off the emergency incident scene. The week is designed to increase awareness and action so that safety and health become a priority in all fire departments.

Fire and EMS personnel can take advantage of the tools and resources of two nationally acclaimed programs: the SHS Section’s Rules of Engagement and the NVFC’s Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program. The most noticeable change for fire and EMS departments is a new, user-friendly web site dedicated exclusively to Safety and Health Week: www.SafetyAndHealthWeek.org.

Participating departments are encouraged not just to follow the theme, but to contribute to its larger body of knowledge. The IAFC and NVFC will provide planning resources on the Safety and Health Week web site and encourage the community to submit links to additional resources, articles, and SOPs that can help other departments.

Begin your planning today. For more information, visit Safety and Health Week online.


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