Exercising Safely

Wednesday, 07 December 2011

A recent study published online in the journal Injury Prevention found that over one third of firefighters’ injuries in the past year happened during exercise. This problem isn’t unique to first responders – individuals of all ages and backgrounds are susceptible to injury while exercising if they don’t follow the proper techniques.

As you work out, remember to follow all instructions on weight machines, warm up and cool down after exercising, and use a spotter. While it’s great to challenge yourself to reach the next level in cardio or weight-training, know your limits and when it’s time to stop. If you feel pain, you’ve passed the mark. Find more safe exercising strategies on this tip sheet from the National Safety Council. For information specific to abdominal training, check out this article from FireRescue1.

Source: FireRescue1, Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program


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