National Firefighter Health Week Wrap-Up

Tuesday, 07 September 2010

The National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) annual National Firefighter Health Week was held August 16-20. This year’s Health Week challenged first responders nationwide to keep their heart, mind, and body strong. The week provided an opportunity for you to focus on your total health and energize your department’s health and wellness programs through a variety of resources, tools, and information. As you know, decreasing your risk factors and making healthy lifestyle choices benefits not only you, but also your family, department, and the community that you serve.

Thousands of firefighters, EMTs, and their supporters, were reached with important health and wellness information during National Firefighter Health Week. Highlights from the Week include:

  • Thanks to support from Ashburn Hill Corp., a special Health Week edition of the The Pulse printed newsletter was distributed to every department in the country. The newsletter is also available for download on the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program web site.
  • Amy Tarte, NVFC Director of Health and Safety, spoke about National Firefighter Health Week to a group of students, staff, and faculty at the National Fire Academy.
  • The NVFC received a record number of visitors to the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program web site during National Firefighter Health Week.
  • The NVFC released daily e-blasts throughout the week with information and resources on each of the focus health topics.
  • Fire Department Network News TV (FDNNTV) provided a series of video news stories covering each of the Week’s daily focus topics.
  • produced a special National Firefighter Health Week section on its web site and released a special wrap-up newsletter at the end of the Week.

You and your department can continue to use the resources offered in the National Firefighter Health Week Resource Center to keep the momentum going. Revisit the page and work your way through all of the daily activity and tip ideas. Learn more about creating a department-wide health and wellness program to keep the motivation up year-round and provide a support system to further encourage your efforts. Listen to podcasts and see video coverage of National Firefighter Health Week. Utilize additional information found on the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program web site, and adopt the program to access even more tools and resources to help you keep it strong throughout the year.

Did you or your department organize events or participate in activities to focus on your health during National Firefighter Health Week? Send your story to the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program! Tell us about your National Firefighter Health Week experiences and any plans you have to continue to keep it strong all year long. Your story may be featured online or in a future issue of the Heart-Healthy Firefighter E-news. Help inspire the thousands of other emergency responders out there to become heart-healthy - submit your story today.



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