Give the Gift of Good Health this Holiday Season

Tuesday, 01 December 2009

‘Tis the season…for holiday shopping! This year, give the gift of good health to the fitness enthusiasts in your life as well as friends or family members who’ve been meaning to begin a health and fitness routine but just don’t know where to start. To make it easier, the NVFC Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program has compiled a list of gift items you may want to consider. No matter where your loved ones are in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, you can show them you want to keep them strong and healthy all year long.

The Heart-Healthy Firefighter Cookbook – With over 60 recipes, including those submitted by health-conscious firefighters, the Cookbook proves eating healthy has never tasted better. Firefighters, EMS personnel, and their families can use these recipes both at the station and at home for easy-to-make meals that are good for the heart without sacrificing any of the taste. Order it from Amazon or learn more at

Cost: $19.95

Exercise band – Exercise bands provide portable resistance and strength training. When there’s just no time to go to the gym, bands are an in-home (or in-hotel for travelers) option to keep your workout schedule. Users can get more information about band workouts and safety tips from free online sites such as Exercise bands are available at most major discount and sporting goods stores.

Cost: Starting at $15

Jump rope – It’s not just for the kids. Jumping rope provides a great cardio workout at a low cost. Jump ropes are also extremely portable and easy to take with you to the station or to the in-laws’ this winter. Take your exercise band too for a full workout. Jump ropes are available at most major discount and sporting goods stores.

Cost: Starting at $5

Pedometer – Pedometers are small electronic devices that measure how many steps you take. Healthy adults should take 10,000 steps each day. Small changes can add extra steps, such as: parking in the back of the lot at the store; taking the stairs instead of the elevator; taking the long way home; getting up to change the channel; and planning walking meetings at work. Pedometers are available at most major discount and sporting goods stores.

Cost: Starting at $10

Fitness DVDs – This gift allows you to practice new exercise routines or perfect one you love in the privacy of your own home. You can even personalize the gift by choosing a specialized DVD based on the interests of the recipient, such as a workout for avid bikers, a cardio-dance routine, or yoga instruction. Make sure to follow the safety tips offered by the video instructor, and check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. Fitness DVDs can be found at sporting goods stores, video stores, and major discount retailers.

Cost: Starting at $15

Trial gym membership – Give your friends and family a trial or introductory period membership to their local gym so that they can decide if that fitness club is the right one for them. Some gyms offer family rates, so if you are already a member, you might be able to add the whole family at a discounted cost. Then, you can spend time with loved ones and workout at the same time.

Cost: Varies by location and membership type

NVFC Membership – NVFC membership helps support the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program, the nation’s only heart attack prevention program for firefighters and EMS personnel. Every NVFC member receives a variety of exciting benefits, including access to special members-only resources, discounts on products and services, and subscriptions to the NVFC’s publications. All Personal Members also receive a $10,000 AD&D insurance policy. Give the gift of membership to all members of your department and the cost of each membership is only $10. See all of the benefits and membership options at

Cost: Starting at $10



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