Securing Sponsors for Your Department Health and Wellness Program

Wednesday, 02 September 2009

Your whole department is energized after National Firefighter Health Week and wants to create a year-round health and wellness program or strengthen an existing one. But how do you find the funding to implement or further develop a program?

Securing funding and sponsors for a department health and wellness program may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program developed the Securing Sponsors for Department Health and Wellness Programs toolkit to help you get the community support you need to get your program started or add additional features to your existing program.

This toolkit takes you through the steps needed to identify, reach out to, and follow up with potential sponsors and donors of a department health and wellness program. The toolkit contains sample letters and customizable templates to make reaching out to and following up with sponsors even easier. It also includes tips, talking points, and ideas to guide departments through the process. The NVFC developed the toolkit to make securing sponsorship for a department health initiative as undaunting and straight-forward as possible.

If your department has put off implementing or expanding a health and wellness program due to lack of funding, or if your existing program is in need of more donors, then this toolkit is for you. Adopt the program or login at, click on the link for General Health and then Department Resources, and download your copy today.



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