Heart-Healthy Staff Attends the Alaska State Firefighters Association Conference

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program staff attended the Alaska State Firefighters Association (ASFA) Conference in Valdez, AK, on September 26-28. The show was a great success, with approximately 80% of the attendees taking advantage of the free blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose screenings offered by the Program and conducted by L&T Health and Fitness.

In addition to the screenings, the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program staff distributed important heart-healthy resources, including the Program's Cookbook and Resource Guide. Visitors to the booth also enjoyed samples of heart-healthy tortilla chips donated by Corazonas Foods. These chips offer an alternative to unhealthy snack options because they contain plant sterols that have been proven to lower cholesterol.

"It was a pleasure to attend the ASFA Conference. The firefighters and emergency personnel in Alaska are truly committed to providing excellent emergency response, and they understand that this includes taking care of themselves so they are better able to help others," said Maggie Wilson, NVFC’s Director of Health and Safety.

Wilson, along with Ken Viglio of L&T Health and Fitness, led a two-hour workshop to give participants an overview of the NVFC Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program and raise awareness about cardiac-related deaths in the fire service. Gail Fast, Vice President of Marketing for L&T Health and Fitness, also conducted a workshop on behalf of the NVFC regarding emerging health and safety issues within the emergency services, many of which directly correlate with the purpose of the Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program.

ASFA President, Carol Reed, gets checked for cholesterol.
An attendee enjoys the healthy snack donated by Corazonas Foods.



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