NVFC Participates in National Line-of-Duty Death Prevention Summit

Monday, 01 January 2007

The NVFC was among the 225 participants of the second National Line-of-Duty Death Prevention Summit, held in Novato, CA, on March 3-4. The event was organized by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) as part of their Everyone Goes Home initiative.

The first Firefighter Life Safety Summit took place in March 2004 to address the need to do more to prevent line-of-duty deaths and injuries in the fire and emergency services and ensure that everyone goes home. At that initial meeting, 16 life safety initiatives were introduced to the fire service as a blueprint for making changes.

At the second Summit, participants identified issues and came up with specific recommended actions and possible resources relating to health and wellness, prevention, structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, vehicle safety, and training and research. Included in the recommendations for health and wellness were:

  • Develop and implement a policy that eliminates the use of all tobacco products.
  • Obtain vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, respirations) from firefighters at the fire department facility on a regular basis, but not less than once a month.
  • Each department should develop and publish a health and wellness accountability policy that holds ALL members accountable, as it relates to health maintenance.
  • All fire districts/departments must have a mandatory medical screening and fitness program in place, in accordance with NFPA 1500 and the IAFC/IAFF Joint Wellness and Fitness Initiative.
  • NFFF must develop a comprehensive training program for implementation of health and wellness programs throughout the fire service.
  • Develop an accessible, usable resource for mental health providers serving fire service members and families to ensure capacity to deliver competent evidence based treatment for major conditions.

A draft version of the recommendations will be submitted to the participants for review in the coming months before the final version is released.


Courtesy of Firehouse.com

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